how to fix drywall cracks

how to fix drywall cracks

Fissures or cracks type hairline is a very common pathology in gypsum panels, much of the plaster partition will suffer this type of fissure in the first years of installation.

A common problem with drywall or defect is cracks. It is common to see a small vertical fissure in the drywall just below the window ledge, on the walls and tobacco shop. This is one of the most common places for cracking (above the window is very common too). The thermal stresses in the home are much greater in the openings of doors and windows for many reasons, and this can cause hairline cracks in the drywall, plaster or drywall.

Most likely, these types of cracks appear during the first year of the life of the houses or building. However, this is not something that should make you lose sleep and is very common in new buildings. It is a very easy repair and without major consequences.

drywall repair cracks

Do not worry about the problems of drywall
If you are thinking about painting a room in the short term, it is the best time to deal with these small repairs in the plaster partitions.


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